Life-changing experiences and teachings that allow you to begin or deepen your journey into yoga using the brilliant reflective practices developed by Swami Sivananda Radha.

Our popular 6-Days of Yoga course will be offered  3 times next year. You will be able to work with the main practises of Yasodhara yoga.Students discover the Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga, learn how to understand their dreams and use them for guidance, practise mantra and a powerful meditation on Light. The whole 6 days is embedded in the Kundalini System, an ancient symbolic representation of the experience of being a human being. It shows us where we are, how to evolve to where we want to be and what choices we can make to support our development.

COURSE DATES for 2016: JUNE12-18th, JULY 3-9th AUGUST 21-27th


Our Centre is beautiful – 10 times better than the website  shows is what one of our guests said – with good food, comfortable beds, superb setting with an exquisite plunge pool. The groups are always small,no more than 5 students which ensures a very personal approach. Our teachers are all experienced and trained at Yasodhara Ashram.

If there is space guests may also be able to stay on a personal retreat and we  tailor- make a programme to suit your needs.Its possible to stay here without doing any yoga at all.


At busy times of the year we are open for Karma yoga, the yoga of work. Please ask for details.


Weekly classes  throughout the year. Details on request.

Frome Jan'11 134